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    Default Moving to N.C.

    I am a Florida state certified firefighter/paramedic, we are moving to N.C. pretty soon and I need to know what steps I need to take to get my Florida certifications transferred over to N.C. Please help thanks.

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    well as far as your ems certs you will need to either be nationaly certified or board with the state and if the county you decide to reside in makes you, you will have to board with them also. As far as for your firefighting certs nfpa 1403 is pretty much the standard around here as far as I know, depending on where you will be located you may need more/less. where is it that you plan on moving to in NC? I am Located in the greenville nc area where there is a large intrest in firefighting

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    Thanks for the info My wifes family lives in Arden, so probably around there somewhere.

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