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    I'm thinking of reworking the recruit academy in my department. I've had good luck in most areas, but feel that there is always room for improvement. I would like to hear from other Training Officers to see what they do in their academies. My academy follows the IFSTA Essentials curriculum, and I follow NFPA 1001. What I'm looking for are ideas to use to really get the training to stick, instead of just passing a test. If you would be willing to share your schedules, class layout, skills testing ideas I would really appreciate it.

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    I'm not a training officer but I do teach classes for many fire departments, which sometimes involves teaching recruits. I'd encourage you to provide writing training at this level, because at this point in firefighters' careers, they're willing to learn whatever your department indicates it values. If your new hires will be writing EMS or fire report narratives, or if they'll be writing anything like letters or business inspections for your voting public, your department has a vested interest in knowing that professionally-written documents are being filed or distributed.

    Mary Sovick

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