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    Post Just in time for Christmas!

    Lexington Owes Firefighters $700,000 In Overtime, State Says
    Nov 22, 2005

    Local News

    (LEXINGTON, Ky.) -- More than 600 Lexington firefighters should get nearly $700,000 in overtime pay because of a miscalculation by the city, the state Department of Labor said.

    An audit of the city's firefighter overtime records turned up the problem after the local chapter of the International Association of Fire Fighters filed a complaint in June.

    Federal overtime laws say that any regular bonuses or supplements that employees can count on as part of their salary need to be calculated for overtime, said Michael Allen, Lexington's human resources director.

    Mark Blankenship, president of the local International Association of Fire Fighters 526, said the $693,192.85 the city intends to pay 602 firefighters is a "very low figure" for what is really owed.

    The firefighters union discovered the overtime discrepancy during its recent collective bargaining sessions with the city, Blankenship said.

    "We went through contract negotiations and found out the way they had been paying overtime was improper," he said.

    The city plans to use money from its general fund to pay the firefighters.

    Although the city has been underpaying firefighters for years, state statute allows for only five years of back pay, Allen said.

    The city's overtime miscalculation was a minor one, Allen said. The impact to each firefighter averages $230.30 a year.

    Other cities across the state are grappling with the same issue. Last year, a Jefferson Circuit judge ruled that Louisville was incorrectly calculating overtime pay -- a decision that could cost that city millions. The case is on appeal.
    Always a day late and a dollar short!

    Hillbilly Irish!

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    Does this have to do with the cities not paying overtime on the incentive regularly as it is in career fd's regular paycheck?

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    It is nice to get a little something extra for the holidays.

    What exactly are they saying? It sounds like a bonus of 10.00, would be subject to time and a half, makeing it 15.00. Or did I read it wrong?
    There goes the neighborhood.

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    Read the last paragraph of the story again......

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