Dear Comrades (male / female),

the camp 2005 is over now and we hope, that the participants enjoyed their stay in the camp, in spite of the fact that many things did not work in the manner, which they have should, due to different reasons:

• Due to the unpredictable donation of not less than 50 ! trucks from the Swiss Army the planning for the camp had to be changed. All comrades have done an excellent job during the rebuilding of the trucks.

• Ten new volunteer fire stations of E.S.E.P.A. were established in the region of Komotini and on the island of Karpathos. This made it necessary to partially move to shifts to Komotini and Karpathos. The foundation of the new fire stations was a full success, thanks to the excellent support from the international participants.

• And finally, again at very short notice, E.S.E.P.A. was able to take over an old military ground in the village of Eratyra. On this ground, the fire fighting school and the future central command of E.S.E.P.A. will arise.

We would like to say a very big Thankyou to all participants of 2005 for your excellent help and co-operation. It was everything else but easy, to rebuild and paint fifty old military trucks and to move to Eratyra with the whole shift. But thanks to the excellent help and co-operation of all comrades, these milestones were a full success. Again: Thankyou very much !

In 2006, our camp will take place for the sixth time, but we have introduced some changes. We have especially taken into account the comments of participants of the last years.

Location of the camp 2006:
Rizomata (located some 20 kilometres north of Mount Olympus, between the cities of Veroia and Katerini, approximately 1,5 h bei car from Saloniki)

Main targets:
Fire brigade: Forest fire patrols (depending on the weather), exercises, fire cover for neighboring villages, repair work on trucks and fire fighting equipment
EMS: Protection of the camp crew, First Responder (regional)

It may happen, that repair and or maintenance works must be done during the camp, both on trucks and fire fighting equipment. We take for granted that all participants lend a hand whereever needed. However, big rebuilding action and mass of work like in 2005 are not planned for 2006.
The camp will be hold during the main wildland fire season (end of June to beginning of September).

Camp languages: Greek, German, English

Travel to and from the camp:
Arrival and departure take place in a two-weeks-rythmus. Arrival / departure is always on a Thursday. The next airport is Saloniki International (SKG).

Transfer from and to the airport:
During the last camps, E.S.E.P.A. did the transfer to and from the airport and paid the costs. Due to financial shortcomings this will not be possible in 2006.
Therefore, every participant has to care on him-/herself for the transfer from and to the airport.
The participants will be given hints on the local public transport system. There are good bus and railway connections to Veroia and Katerini, as well as taxis. The relevant public transport information will be posted on the homepage and will also be sent to the participants via email.

Tips for arrival and departure:
Contact other participants from the same shift who will arrive / depart on the same day and meet at the airport. The E.S.E.P.A. forum can be used for these appointments. You can then travel together what is always easier.
a) b) Meet other participants at the airport of Saloniki and join a taxi to the camp / to the airport. The costs of a taxi transfer are approx. EUR 80,- and can be shared between participants.

Camp dates 2006:
29.06.2006 - 13.07.2006
13.07.2006 - 27.07.2006
27.07.2006 - 10.08.2006
10.08.2006 - 24.08.2006
24.08.2006 - 07.09.2006

Enrolment procedure:
- For the enrolment procedure an operational email account is absolutely necessary.
- Enrolment can ONLY be done via the enrolment form on the E.S.E.P.A. homepage (
- The contribution toward expenses (amount EUR 100,- for two weeks) must be paid within two weeks after enrolment. Otherwise, the enrolment will be cancelled.
- If you have any problems with the enrolment procedure, you may contact the following email address:

The contribution towards expenses is EUR 100,- per participant for two weeks (plus EUR 50,- for every additional week).
The financial situation of E.S.E.P.A. forces us to raise this contribution toward expenses from you. Without it, we cannot hold the camp in 2006. E.S.E.P.A. will facilitate food and lodging (three meals per day, simple but tasty Greek food).

E.S.E.P.A. will facilitate the personal protective equipment for the participants. Suitable fire fighting boots must be brought by the participants themselves. We would like to ask participants with clothing sizes bigger than 54 to bring their own PPE trousers and jackets (but light ones, no thick Nomex clothing).

Some organisational staff regarding the daily routine of the camp:
The daily routine of the camp can be characterized by forest fire patrols, fire fighting exercises, repair and maintenance works on fire trucks and equipment, works serving the public good (these will be kept within reasonable bounds !) and of course possible emergency turnouts. A detailed "plan of course of events" for every day can of course not be given. The daily routine in our camp is often characterized by improvisation.

Emergency turnouts are, as we all know, not plannable and should therefore not be part of your expectations !

Generally, it has to be said that our camp is definitely not a recreational holiday and also not a pure fire brigade holiday. A wide variety of works must be performed (both fire brigade and general), and much improvisation will be asked to perform these tasks. Of course, recreation will also get it's fair share. Generous breaks are planned for each day (except during emergency turnouts), and they are necessary, as high temperatures and the often unfamiliar and demanding works put a strong strain on the human body.
We will of course do our very best to have some additional leisure activities.

What we can guarantee:
- Meeting with many like-minded people from many European countries, a unique international comradeship
- Sharing of knowledge and knowledge transfer without national borders
- A very special holiday which is unique of its kind

Please check the FAQs (frequently asked questions) on . Thank you very much to Philipp Schönfeld and Markus Kromberg, our webmasters !
If you have any questions which are not covered in the FAQs, please contact Lutz Obermann. His email address is .

We are looking forward to meeting you in E.S.E.P.A. camp 2006 and would already like to thank you for your participation.

With comradely regards,

Nikos Sachinidis
Präsident der E.S.E.P.A.

Lutz Obermann
Leiter Orga-Team International