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    Default MSA Solaris Multi-gas detector

    I would like to hear from people that are using the Solaris Multi-gas detector. We are having problems with the O2 sensors. Anyone else having problems?

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    Default recall

    We've had a lot of trouble with O2 sensors in our MSA Orions. They're probably the same sensors you have. I've heard that the company that makes the sensors just issued a recall. Check with your dealer.

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    I currently have (3) meters out of service awaiting repairs. I need O2 sensors for my Five Star Meter, and Scott Scout. I also need calibration on my MSA mini-co. We are ordering sensors today.

    I am looking for information about good annual recertification companies, anybody know a good company in the NJ area.


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    Wink Sensors

    Guys the O2 sensors is the most replaced sensor in any instrumentation. You should be getting at least one year if not two years out of these sensors. Be careful how much money you are pumping into instruments the technology is getting better and more advanced I am a Safety Professional that has used instrumentation in many applications from Haz-Mat teams to general industry. costs will build up in an older unit and you will find yourself spending 800-1000 to do general maintenance on all 4 senors and then the pump, etc. If you are having trouble and would like to look at some new technology I would recommend the Honeywell Impact Pro. It is eay to calibrate and maintain with their new cartridge sensor technology where it only cost $220 to replace all 4 sensors. and calibrates in 90 seconds. The calibration kit actually can mount inside the cab of the apparatus.

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