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    Default Annual pump testing (500 gpm's)

    Hi all.

    I've been tasked with the annual pump testing of our P18 water carrier. At present there is no information on station for me to carry out this test.

    The pump has a 500 gpm output.
    I require the setup of hose, nozzle tips to be used, duration & target outputs to be achieved.

    At present we are trying to get a copy of NFPA 1911

    Any information would be great...


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    Find an IFSTA Driver manual, it has the testing information in it. Also, AFCESA has a worldwide NFPA address so you can access the fire codes on line and look up the requirements in 1911. Someone there should be able to get the NFPA address for you. The test pressures should be on the pump data plate on the side of the pump panel. Those are the pressures and flows you will be working with.

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    Thanks for the information.

    Hopefully, the weather here will improve so that I can get out and test the pump this Sunday.

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