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    Reminds me of the Smithtown, NY firehouse which is 1 block over from me. I just moved here and went by one day. They had a lot, i just saw 2 volunteers outside just now, asked them about it, they have 10 bays they said and driving by each bay has something. Either an engine/ladder/ambulance or a chiefs car. Each one has something. It's pretty cool, i love when the sirens go off, i'll start identifying which type of apparatus it is just by the sounds of the sirens. Wether its a fire truck or a chiefs car or an ambulance, the people i work with think im nuts

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    For me one of the most impressive was Baltimore's Steadman St Station ...........3 stories and sat on corner.......has 2 places for appratri departure ! It was awesome when they would "dump" the joint !
    IACOJ both divisions and PROUD OF IT !
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    After posting, I read the article on the other site..turns out it was Middletown, Delaware..they built that new station, a substation AND got a new rescue pupmper all for 1.5 million!!! Damn, that's some competitive bidding right there!!!! Kudos to the brothers at Middletown...seems they got a lot of bang for their buck...and a community center as part of the firehouse...smart move boys, keep the taxpayers happy & they (hopefully) will support you in your endeavors.

    Stay Safe....

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