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    Question Looking For Area Familiarization Ppt Template For Training

    Anyone Have A Powerpoint Area Familiarization Training Template And/or Lesson Plan I Can Use?

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    I don't have a PPT on it but this is what we do for map drills

    First review how the numbering system works in your jurisdiction. Where is the 0/0 point in your town or is it a rural type system 27W*** main street, or a completly rural mail system. Then identify the major streets HWY etc. then secondaries then neighborhood roads and finally courts and private drives. The numbering system is most important because it will help when dispatchers or callers make mistakes.
    If your sent to 721 North main st and main stops at 551 then you know it is south etc.
    A cheater map or map book is great but everyone should have a working knowledge of the town.

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