I recently purchased and started a web site for http://PioneerHose.com

Unfortunately, just like the cybersquatter, who charged me much for the name, the hose company is now in default and uncertain. It seems that although nobody has done anything at any time prior to what I've done for them, there are those members of the hose company now claiming to be experts on things like site design, having your own domain name, use of geocities FREE hosting, using Paypal (rather than having a VISA/MC merchant account) and just about every other bizarre and untrue theory as to what it really takes to have a successful web presense.

Thus I now have this domain name and web site for sale. I'm not looking for the price I've got posted, I'm just trying to hold a company at bay "Pioneer Hose" of India a hose manufacturer, because I would prefer that a U.S. VFD have this name and web site.

Therefore, if anybody knows of a Pioneer Hose in their state, community that would benefit from having this site, please contact me and give me the information to get in touch with them. Also, please contact them and send them to PioneerHose.com for more information.

Will Griffin