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    Question Physical ability exam

    Can someone give me a heads up on what a typical physical exam consists of? Is it just strength and endurance testing, or are you tested on actual equipment use?
    I just recently decided to pursue this career so I don't have any formal firefighter training. However, the department here is testing this spring and I'm going to try the exam anyways. Any tid bits of advice would be much appreciated.

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    The physical agility tests all vary from department to department to a certain extent, but the one common denominator is two things combined: Legs and lungs. You have those two parts of your body well-conditioned, and the rest will usually fall into place. The Legs and lungs theory is based on two important physical attributes of a firefighter.
    I can't comment on all departments obviously, but here is a typical breakdown of things you may be asked to do: Keep in mind, all or none of these may be required to be performed with an SCBA on or weight vest or in full turnout.

    Climb stairs
    Hit a Kaiser sled
    Move a charged line a certain distance
    Pull hose
    Raise and lower an extension ladder
    Drag a rescue dummy
    Carry tools
    Ascend and descend an aerial ladder

    These are just a few basic endurance tests that you may be tested on and should be considered generic. Some departments are more intricate in what they test you for, and some are more lenient. It just depends on where you are applying. Know that keeping yourself in top physical shape will erase any margin for error, no matter what the physical agility test might entail.

    I hope this helps!


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    You might also go to the Forum jump section down this page and look under"Emergency Jobs Central"and look under "Testing and Fitness".
    I need to go elsewhere and will have to post it later but there is a list of the skills that fire departments around Memphis Tn test on before hiring that will serve as an idea of what you need to build up strength for beforehand.
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    Most of the departments around my area require the CPAT which consists of:
    3 Minutes on a stair climber
    100' hose drag
    Hose pull from you knees
    Equipment carry
    Ladder raise
    Search tunnel
    Forcible Entry
    Dummy Drag
    Ceiling breech and pull
    done with 75 pound vest on.

    All this has to be done under 10 minutes.

    As for my department we do ours 2 times a year and it consists of:
    100' charged hose drag
    75' aerial climb
    high rise pack carried up 3 stories
    hose hoist 3 stories
    45 hits on a wood bolck to simulate forced entry
    balance beam with a roll of 1 3/4" hose
    dummy drag 100'

    done with full gear and scba.
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    Thumbs up

    Thanks for the input. Much appreciated!

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    This is the PAT around here.

    These opinions are mine and do not reflect the opinions of any organizations I am affiliated with.

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    Default Physical Agility Test

    The agility test required to get into FFI or II class in my county was pretty darn easy compared to the sounds of some of them here. We had 7 stations. At the time, we had to do the stations wearing our turnout gear and an airpack. We did not wear a mask. I have since found out that the rules have changed for this year and there are no gear requirements except for a helmet and gloves. Anyway, the stations were:
    1: Simulated rafter walk where you walked down a two parallel 2x4's standing on edge carrying a roll of 1 1/2" hose. You walked about 20', turned around and came back. There was a time limit and stepping off the boards got you a time penalty.
    2: Roof ladder: Remove a roof ladder from the truck, carry a short distance, raise against the side of a building, climb to the top, return to ground, lower ladder and replace on truck. Event had a time limit to complete.
    3: Ventilation simulation: Bang a piece of wood with a sledge hammer a certain number of times within a given time limit. Each swing had to be above your head to count.
    4: Hose drag: Drag a 2 1/2" hose approximately 100' and connect to an engine intake. Timed event
    5: Hose raise: Raise a length of 50' of 2 1/2" hose with attached nozzle using a rope from a pit. Drag the raised hose about 50'. Timed event
    6: Dummy drag: Drag a dummy up a flight of stairs and back down. Timed event
    7: Equipment carry: Carry an extinquisher, roll of hose and ax, one at a time, up a flight of stairs. Once all of them have been carried up, carry each one back down one at a time.

    I was 43 years old when I did this test and was worried going into it since I am not exactly a spring chicken. I didn't have any problems completing it. We had one girl who due to her height had trouble getting the ladder on and off the truck but she did do it.

    As you can see, testing must vary quite a bit by location.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Memphisdoug
    6: Dummy drag: Drag a dummy up a flight of stairs and back down. Timed event
    How heavy was the dummy and how many flights did you have to take it up.

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    Default Dummy Drag

    The dummy couldn't have been more than 100 to 125 lbs. We had to go up 1 floor and back down. The best part was the dummy had a convenient harness he was wearing that gave you a good place to grab onto and go.

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    Thats not bad then, I was thinking of a 175 pound dummy and 5 fleights of stairs.

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