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    Default Chief Lepore - Thank you for your book "Smoke Your Firefighter Interview"

    I recently had an oral interview with Fort Worth and I read Chief Lepore's book "Smoke Your Firefighter Interview." This book was very helpful in preparing for it. Before I read it I really did not know what to expect. I had heard from a lot of guys that they would ask situational ?'s but I did not know what they would be like. After reading that book I understood what to expect and had a much better idea of what they might be looking for. They asked me 5 situational ?'s very similar to the ones in your book, so I was not surprised by them at all. I still don't know how well I did in the interview but either way the book helped me and I highly recommend it.

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    Default BC Lepore's book

    I used his book as well when I got hired and it did help, It definitely got the ball rolling in the right direction. How many oral interviews have you had. Its hard to know how good you did if you have only had one. If you practiced every day for a year you might come back next year and realize you didn't do as good as you originally thought. This isn't to rain on your parade at all, be glad you had an interview, just remember to learn from each interview so as to make yourself better in case you have another one. I would leave each interview and run to my car, write down the questions and look back at how I had answered each and whether or not I could have added more. I tell this to everyone I work with and call them to followup to make sure they did this. You will be surprised at how much you might have forgot to mention. That is all the panel knows about who you are so you want to make sure you gave them everything. Drop me a line if you have any other questions,
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