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    To follow up in a previous post on gas....can a volunteer get free tire changes for responding to calls...
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    ACTUALLY... warranties on tires get VOIDED if you want the truth.

    Firestone warranties the tires they sell for the life of your car (manufacturer problems, not normal wear/tear of course). BUT if you read the information they state that if the vehicle is used for emergency response type situations, that warranty does NOT get carried over.

    Kind of interesting TWIST if ya look at it. So not only do we get free tire changes, we lose warranties with some of the bigger companies.

    Im not sure if it counts for responders to stations or for ambulance/medic units, but i mean its in there if you wanna take a look, all you firestone people (like myself, i always got discounts i knew a guy who worked there)
    Adam, EMT-B

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