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    Question Has anyone had their home burn while on duty?

    It happened to me may 2005. I was on duty and on the way to another call when the call came out. I didnt realize it was my house until well into the incident(approx 20 minutes). When I arrived there was a fire in our attic area that was caused from a small room and contents fire from a middle bedroom in our home. Our home is a split plan 4 bedroom with a living room in the middle. The funny thing was I still had my dept radio with me and heard them state the fire was out when they knocked out the middle bedroom. I wasnt interior and unfortunaletly I left my darn gear at the station when I picked up my POV to go home.Very shortly before I got on scene, approx 20-25 minutes into the incident the chief had all crews go defensive because we had flames through one side of the roof near the middle bedroom area. I am friends with almost everyone that was fighting that fire and have heard from some in their dept they felt things went wrong. I know what my opinion is on that but I would like to know if this has ever happened to anyone else and how did you deal with it. It was a very weird situation. I am definetly over all of this and have no hard feelings with anyone that was there that day.Just like the true Brotherhood we all like to claim,almost everyone from both county departments helped us out in so many ways. I was so thankful to God for my Brother's that day. Im just curious if this has ever hapened to any other fireman.
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