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    Default Structure fire, Marlborough, MA

    An intense fire ripped through an apartment at the Windsor Meadows Apartments on Broadmeadow Road in the early morning hours of December 10th.

    Marlborough Fire Alarm received Box 1411 at 06:27, along with multiple 911 calls reporting the fire.

    Engine 3 and Ladder 1 were first due at the fire. On arrival, they found heavy fire conditions in apartment 12 on the top floor of building 109A. The crew of the 3's pulled an attack line, the crew of Ladder 1 set up the stick to vent the cockloft area and threw a ground ladder to rescue the occupant of apartment 11, who was trapped in his unit due to fire extension into the hallway. Engines 1 and 2 along with Rescue 1 arrived. Engine 1 laid a supply line into the 3 Engine and pulled an additional attack line off of the 3's.

    Car 2, the Deputy of Group 2 arrived and took over command.

    Fire Chief David Adams arrived on scene and stated that "the guys made one hell of a stop. This fire could have been a lot worse."

    Fire conditions on the third floor literally gutted the apartment of origin right to the firewalls. The fire door in the hallway adjacent to the apartment was heavily warped, it's fire rated wire glass totally gone.

    Firefighters were hampered by fire hydrants that were buried in snow
    ( Marlborough had a 14" snowfall on December 9th), unshoveled walkways and vehicles that were illegally parked in the fire lanes, hampering the placement of apparatus.

    Off duty Marlborough Fire personnel were called in to man the reserve rigs, and the Town of Hudson provided a mutual aid Engine company to cover at Marlborough Station 2.

    Three occupants of apartment 12 were taken to Marlborough Hospital for minor burns and smoke inhalation. The MFD's Fire Investigation unit and the State Fire Marshal are conducting an investigation of the fire.

    11 families were displaced from their homes, as the lower apartments had either heat, smoke or water damage from firefighting efforts. The Red cross was called to provide temporary housing.

    Damage to the building was conservatively estimated at over $100,000.

    It was the 11th working fire and 7th multiple alarm since Chief Adams took over the fire department in August of 2005.
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