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Thread: First Snow

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    Smile First Snow

    We got our first snow of the season last night and into this morning. Saw a pickup almost lose it on my way home from work.. All of ya' be careful out there and play safe.

    Happy Holidays.
    09.11.01--Never Forgotten

    "Darn those pesky flaming mice."

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    Your 1st due.


    How bad can the snow be? It's New Mexico!

    We've had snow for nearly two and a half months!
    Quote Originally Posted by ThNozzleMan
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    14+ inches on the ground and 4 more by morning.

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    Yeah, but when is it going to SNOW.

    This is western NY land of the lake effect.

    Our weather guys would call that a dusting with heavier amounts in squall areas.

    PS. Stay warm and safe.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Res343cue
    How bad can the snow be? It's New Mexico!

    We've had snow for nearly two and a half months!
    New Mexico actually has some of the best skiing around. Taos and Angel Fire are well known ski resorts. Remember the Rockies go all the way to old Mexico. There is snow in the mountains every year. It may come later than the northern states, but NM gets it's fair share.

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