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    Default Looking for calibration/service company for meters.

    Looking for Calibration/Service Company for our meters. If you have any information, please advise. I would really like to use a company in NJ or close to NJ.

    The meters we have are:

    Canberra Mini - Radiac Radiation Detectors
    Centech Group APD2C
    MGP DMC-2000 Series Kit
    MGP RAD 60 Personnal Dosimeter
    MSA Mini CO
    MSA Five Star Multi-Gas
    MSA Portable Alarm CO/Com Gas/O2
    MSA Sirius Multi-Gas
    MSA 360
    Ram R-200 Radiological Response Kit
    Scott Leak Alert Combustable Gas
    Scott Scout Multi-Gas
    SE International Radiation Alert 4ec
    Smiths Detection APD 2000
    Spectra Group H-Nu
    Thermo Electron FH-40 G-L Multi-Purpose Survey Meter
    TIF 8800 CO/Combustable Gas
    TIF XL1 Auto Halagen Leak Detector
    Haz-Mat Cad Plus

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    Holly crap you gots a lot of meters. First off how busy are you, if you are running and using these often. I would invest in the equipment to cal. your self. Yeah it is a pain, but you will see less down time. It is also a good oppurtunity to train or get to better know yo,ur meters. However this stuff is expensive and if you are not doing it regular probably in the nieghborhood of at least 2 times a month. I would suggest sending the units out. I would first talk to the manufactuer of the individual products and see where they say you should send them. If you are not happy with that, check with your vendors. And if you still are not happy with that talk to other teams in you area and see what they are doing. Also if you do send them out, ask for the cal. certs and keep them on file, do not rely on someone else. If anything ever goes to court it is your ***.

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    Thumbs up There is only one place

    Full disclosure here: I work for the company below, and am also a Lieutenant with my fire company.

    Electronic Measurement Labs or EML is located in Somerset NJ on Easton Avenue. It is where everybody should turn to for gas detectors. Both sales AND service. Sales of the best brands out there, and service of almost any detector ever made. Even models that are discontinued can usually be repaired.

    Our website is www.emlinc.com. EML is the "Best in Gas Detection", with free loaners for volunteer fire depts, and loaners/rentals for other customers when needed.

    We specialize in gas detectors, but also offer the Fire F.L.I.R. (TIC), the BioSystems PosiChek3 (SCBA Test Station), and more. The number to EML is 800-452-6822. Thank you for this plug.

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    eaff2661 -
    We have started to use your company for our air monitoring equipment. You guys do a very nice job but initially we had one issue. The issue was that we dropped off a meter with case and all attachments, your company sent the meter back to us but never sent all of the other stuff back. We called and they sent the case and all attachments next day. It was just a little weird that the case said our name on it in like 2" letters but they did not send it back.

    That was in the past and after that they have done a nice job. I know that you guys are supposed to start coming onsite and doing the work in house. I am waiting on funding but should happen within a month or so.

    The issue is our chem/bio/rad equipment, your company does not do it, do you have any recommendations?


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