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    Default What do you have in your RIT kits?

    Goodday all, I was wondering wht was in your department's RIT kits and wht the stuff was used for. I just recently purchased a MSA Resuce Aire, which is a start but from what I've seen from other depts is good but I don't know why they would carry some of the tools they do. Also I've seen some depts have alot of equipment in their kits, do they lug it in everytime or just take what they need and the rest is there if they need it? Any help or suggestions would be appriciated.
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    We use several different "kits". First off, we have the Scott RIT pack, with mask, duct-tape, cordless sawzall, small bolt cutters, and a Sling link. Then we have a home made cart for hand tools. We used a hand cart, covered the front with aluminum, and mounted 3 lengths of PVC pipe (for pry bars and the such), a mount for Irons, and clips for a 10 lbs sledge, 2 wedges, and a crow bar. Then we have MANY different rope bags. Each rope bag has a Sling Link attached. We have a 200 foot bag knotted at 20 foot increments (and in the bag is 4 30 foot lengths). Then we have a 200 foot bag knotted at 50 and 150 feet, and then clipped together, so that you can have 4 sets of people do a lift with GREAT control. Then we have various other Z-rigs and 4:1's available if we need them. All of this stuff seems like an outrageous amount of equiptment, but let me remind you, out first in team only takes irons, TIC, and the RIT pack (unless the situation warrents different), and the rest of the stuff is suplimental...

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