Three Suspicious Fires Start Overnight
December 15th, 2005 @ 12:00pm
Gene Kennedy reporting

Investigators search for answers to a string of garage fires all within five hours.

Sarah Strong, Fire Victim: "My mom says she thought it was an earthquake because it rattled the whole house....."

Investigators say they're suspicious of each case.

The worst fire was in West Jordan just before eight this morning. With the garage completely gone, it's amazing the house didn't catch on fire as well.

The flames just shot up. From the garage, through the floor, all the way to the attic. Investigators are not certain if this fire and the other two, are connected. But the certainly admit that it's bizarre and suspicious.

Mason Risher, Witness: "Iíve never seen a fire that big, the entire garage was flame."

It's hard to imagine driving up to your home and finding it like this only nine days before Christmas. That's Sarah Stong's story.

Sarah Strong, Fire Victim: "everyone's emotional, and my mom lost a lot of things that were important to her. Her memorabilia from her mother that passed away not too long ago, she lot of that, probably a lot of irreplaceable things like pictures."

Luckily her family got out okay. A passerby knocked on the door, While Mason Risher tried to put the fire out using a small extinguisher he had in his car.

Mason Risher, Witness: "My fire extinguisher wasn't enough, so we just had to get them, and get them safe."

Investigators believe the fire started in the garage. Fueled by furniture, it spread to the second story. There is more than 100- thousand dollars in damage to the home.

Five hours before the West Jordan blaze, two other garage fires: One in Sandy, the other in Midvale.

Robyn Fullmer, Witness: "Flames, higher than the house. I mean, pitch orange. I didnít know what was going on, I just knew it was a fire."

In Midvale and Sandy, garages burned to the ground. They were detached from the homes, no one was hurt in either incident. But the fire scorched the victimís cars beyond recognition.

Batt. Chief Marc McElreath, West Jordan Fire Chief: "(question: Does it seem odd to have three garage fires in the same day?) It is. Three garage fires in one morning is definitely out of the ordinary."

A string of morning fires with no clear answer. But even if there was one, it might not bring much comfort for the family living in the West Jordan home.

Investigators from Sandy, West Jordan and Midvale are all in communication with each other, trying to figure out if there is a connection between any of the fires.