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    Angry Township Supervisors and Vol. Fire Company

    I am the secretary for our local vol. fire company for several years and am the ex township secretary. We are having several issues arising within our department.

    One of the issues is fire police. The Fire Company recommended 4 volunteers for fire police to the Board of Supervisors, 2 were approved the other 2 were never mentioned at the meeting. One of them is the former Police Chief of the township the other is his wife, who was also the treasurer for the recreation commission and they were not approved. Is there anything that can be done about this?

    The other issue is the Township has a special fire tax of .4 mills for this year 2005 and the budget for 2006 has no money set aside for our fire tax. I believe that once it is earmarked for fire tax that they can only use that money for fire purposes. Now for next year if that money is not in budget and they dont put a millage on then I can see that happening.

    The third issue is at our November fire company meeting we had nominations and this week at our December meeting we had elections and we put our current Chief in as Chief starting at the January meeting. However, through the grapevine we heard that they are not going to approve him at the Supervisors meeting in January as Chief. The irony in this is that our Chief is one of the new Supervisors in January. They want to name one of the old Supervisors in as Chief, who was a fire police and there are several issues with him while he was fire police. If they dont approve our Chief is there anything that can be done?

    Just wondering if anyone else is having problems with their local supervisors? We never had this happen before but with new Supervisors they are really starting to go against the volunteers and our fire company.

    If anyone can help me it would be great, man I am glad I am out of the politics for my employment, but this is really awful when I know THAT ALL COMPANIES ARE HAVING PROBLEMS ON GETTING AND KEEPING VOLUNTEERS INVOLVED.


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    Who runs your company ? The Fire Chief, The Town, or The Supervisors ?

    If the membership elects the chief than who are the the supervisors to determine who is fire chief ? who are they to determine who the fire police will be ? If the fire chief is a town appointed position I could understand them having the final say but if the company is in control of the nominating and electing than the company rules.

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    Default Here is some help....hopefully

    Our fire department has the same model and rules that you follow, if I understand correctly. The fire company makes a vote for fire chief and that is only a recommendation to the board of supervisors as to whom is chief. The decision on who is chief is left totally up to the board. The fire police are only official if the township is willing to swear them in. If that case is true, you have several choices. If the board appoints a chief that you do not feel is qualified then you can take a vote of no confidence and elect not to provide fire coverage until the board gives a very good reason not to follow the recommendations outline by the body of the fire company. You could also take the new chief appointed by the board and convince him to turn down the position. Lastly, you could just try the boards suggestion for chief and see how it works out. The fire police thing, there is nothing you can do.

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    Default trying to help

    Hopefully the fire police person the supervisors wants as chief has firefighting experience. If not you could be in alot of trouble. Politics suck. Especially when it involves peoples lives. Hopefully you can work through these problems. Satffing is a major issue in the volunteer fire service. I am a captain in one of the largest volunterer departments in CT. We are also one of the busiest FDs in the state. Our numbers have dropped and it is not easy replacing the members that have left. Good luck with the situations at hand. Hopefully the supervisors will wake up and let the chief stay in his current position. Hope you have a SAFE Holiday season.

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    I am not sure where you are from but if it is from NY then you might be interested in Town Law 176 11(a)
    The members of a fire company will vote for a Chief. This will then be turned over to the commissioners (I assume your's are supervisors) and they will wither approve or disapprove. If they disapprove they have to notify the members that a new nomination process is to take place for the dis-approved positions. At no time can the board appoint a chief and the incubnent chief will remain chief until a new chief is accepted. This will continue until the board approves a nomination. If there is no nomination for Chief then the incubnent chief will contiue to be chief.

    Also note that a Chief cannot sit on a board of commissioners also for conflicting reasons. He would have to resign as Chief or not accept the Supervisor Position.

    But this is in NY and we are a NFP Corp with a Board of Commissioners. So your situation might be different.

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