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    Default Am I off the Reservation on this one?

    I dont know how many of you have gone to fema site and searched the awards for this year; however I did and I am at a complete loss.
    I searched vehicles; and clicked on the field to display them in lowest to highest. I realize that everyone has a need, and I have no objection to spending a fair amount of money on a vehicle; however I would submit that anything over 500,000.00 is a bit insane.
    From what I can determine there are awards for single vehicles that are in excess of 700,000.00!!!

    Now I am a firm believer in everyone getting their fair share, but cmon now..... 700,000 is a bit much.

    Curious if I am the only one who feels this way

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    95'+ aerial devices cost that much, maybe the only exception being a 100' stick with no pump. Federal sharing on those is less than $500K I thought. It used to be a maximum match of $450K at the 10% matching level for a $500K total.

    Anywho, DHS doesn't believe too highly in awarding that much dough for a vehicle either. There have been only 27 awards out of 899 vehicles that were over $300K. Analyze who got those high dollar trucks: departments with the risks. I know several of them and their situation, and I see no reason why they shouldn't have been awarded. Certainly it can be argued that 3 pumpers could have been bought for someone else, but considering the call volumes, populations, and risks in those communities, I do believe the cost-benefit lies with the awardees on this one.

    But, remember that 27 out of 899 number. That's 27 out of nearly 7,000 vehicle applications were awarded for over $300K. In case you were wondering that is 0.4%. I was wondering, that's why I broke out the calculator.

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    a 70' SUTPHEN Platform (Quint) with no equipment just cost us $638,000.
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    While we are on this subject we should mention SAFER in the same breath. I see several of you already crying the blues about some of the larger cities getting the biggest share of the pie. If you will go way back to the discussions in here prior to SFAER opening, you will recall that I warned everyone that the big boys would be getting big grants. My goodness guys, figure it out on their populations against your own populations and the need is just gargantuan and the cost benefit is much greater. I was very surprised and pleased to see the number of applications that got funded for R&R, and I am still very curious to see, what these departments asked for and the type programs they came up with.
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    And what would be the benefit to the IAFF of multiple smaller SAFE grants to midsize/small cities (or vol/combo) depts? NONE.

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