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    Default Fake Firefighter sought in sex attack Captured

    Just spotted this in the Richmond Times-Dipatch.

    Suspect in New York Sex Attack Captured

    Associated Press Writer

    MEMPHIS, Tenn. (AP) -- A fugitive fashion writer wanted for questioning in the sexual attack on a woman in her New York apartment by a man posing as a firefighter was captured Friday at the University of Memphis, police said.

    Peter Braunstein, 42, stabbed himself repeatedly in the neck with a knife after he was confronted by campus officers, city police said.

    He was in critical condition in the prison ward of Regional Medical Center in Memphis, said Memphis police Sgt. Vincent Higgins.

    The incident marked yet another strange turn in a cat-and-mouse game that became a tabloid sensation in New York City. Braunstein had tormented authorities for weeks by popping up in various public places; there were reports of him all around New York City, in bars in Ohio and at a blood bank in Memphis.


    On Friday, Braunstein was spotted on campus by a woman who police said recognized him from media reports.

    New York police had been hunting since early November for the freelance journalist, once a writer for Women's Wear Daily.

    In investigators said they believe Braunstein was obsessed with the victim and wanted to question him about the attack by a man who bluffed his way into her apartment after setting two small fires and pounding on her door while dressed in full fire gear.

    He bound the woman and molested her for more than 13 hours, police said.

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    Braunstein has not been charged in the attack.

    A $12,000 reward had been offered for information leading to Braunstein's arrest and his father had made several public appeals, begging his son to turn himself in.

    "Just goes to show you how desperate he must have been," Braunstein's father, Alberto Braunstein, told MSNBC on Friday night. "As a father, I'm terribly saddened. And I hope that now the news will cover something else, because you would have thought that he murdered 20 people."

    Police said Braunstein, who is charged with one count of aggravated assault in Memphis, threatened the campus officer out a dagger and a BB gun.


    Associated Press writers Rose French in Nashville and David B. Caruso in New York contributed to this report.

    Original Article

    He is TRULY a skanky looking slimeball. I have my ideas on what should be done to him, but I think it'd probably be considered 'Cruel and unusual punishment'


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    Sorry guys...didn't realize it had already bbeen posted...guess I didn't look down far enough.

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