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    Default RIT Training

    My Fire Department is currently starting RIT training package for the new year. It is a 2 day workshop and I am looking for drill and training ideas to steal. I was also wondering if any other volunteer departments have done any thing similar with any success

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    Default RIT training

    We are bringing in Jim Kron from Indiana (highly regarded trainer) to conduct RIT training sessions for our department. We have opened up the session to guest to attend. The sessions are March 17 & 18, 2006. (Friday evening & all day saturday)
    Cost is $50 for the sessions including meal and coffee breaks.

    Friday evening session - vehicle ex - new vehicle technology.
    Saturday - RIT teams, saving our own.

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    Have a look on as well as on for some more input from Canadian departments.

    We did our RIT through our provincial fire school and they are put on by SafeIR. Our RIT program here is broken into three parts. The first being 'Beginer RIT' followed by 'Intermediate RIT' and these are both over two weekends, and then the third one is 'Advanced RIT' and is 3-4 days.

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