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    Default Fire Prevention?

    I need to find some fire prevention grants. Not sure where to start looking for these things. We just experienced a terrible fire in our community, losing five civilians in a household where there were no smoke detectors.

    I'm looking to start a public relations / community education / fire prevention program for my department, as a project for the Junior Firefighters and "Probies" to head up, if the department will have it. Part of me bringing this up, will be to have information to prevent first.

    Can someone give me a hand with this, I'm totally lost in this world of grants and funding....Please?
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    Give me (see profile) a call 800-992-0272 Ext 1. I can help you out.
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    Default some thoughts

    There are a variety of things you can do; listed below are a few in no specific order of importance.

    -Local Wal-Mart gives out 1000.00 grants
    -talk with civic groups to raise funds.
    -Talk with schools to send your safety info home using their fliers, and/or school webpage.
    -talk with hardware stores-home depot/tru-value etc. and ask them to help you with your mission. Get them to donate some detectors & batteries for you to carry on your rigs. When you go on a run and find a home without one, you give em one. Also set up pub-ed events outside these stores and or work with them on an in store display.
    -make presentation to your local government- make them aware; maybe they will help with funding.
    -develop an 100% smoke detector drive- goal is a working smoke detector outside the sleeping area of every home.
    -talk with your states firemarshall; they have either funds and/or contacts to help you out as well.
    -NFPA video firepower very helpful in showing people how quickly fire spreads.

    -MEDIA-Get the media involved no matter what you do. get the word out through every outlet.
    IF you have photos of fire-not victims-just the damage caused share them with people to again demonstrate how quickly fire moves and destruction it causes.

    Well those are just a few ideas.....if you need anything else feel free to ask.


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    Unfortunately, you have evidence of need in at least one case. Depending on your numbers I don't know if you'd qualify for the CDC grant I posted a few weeks ago, plus they want a lot of info and if you don't have anything gathered as to risks, populations, etc, etc, you probably won't get that done before the deadline.

    Leaving some minor programs already mentioned out, one of the few left that has the most money is the AFG - FP section that will open around next August. That would give you enough time to perform an assessment of the FP risks in your district. The FP program does prioritize to the two highest risk groups, under 14 and over 65 so you must have these numbers in hand. If you have a low risk group population, or a low population in general, it is possible to regionalize the effort for maximum cost-benefit.

    Outside of grants, education in FP is pretty cheap. If the public isn't educated to the risks it doesn't matter if you buy them the detectors or not, in 6 months they'll be dead or broken. It takes concerned people to manage smoke detectors, and if the public doesn't care, then there is very little you can do from the FD angle. Especially in single family homes since you don't have any authority to ask or inspect. Multi-family dwellings it's the landlords on the hook to provide proper smoke & fire detectors, and those you may have some authority to inspect as an FD. Depends on the codes in your area.

    I'd start with taking advantage of the tragedy to alert everyone to the dangers of not having smoke detectors, while the media is paying attention. In a couple of weeks they'll probably go back to other news. Work the local government over to provide some teeth to inspections, no matter whose job it is to do it.

    Some items that may cost but will raise awareness:
    - signs in front of the stations
    - fliers in local businesses telling customers to check detectors
    - fliers attached to the food being delivered (pizza, etc, etc)
    - regular public safety classes at the station, schools, civic meetings

    It's ultimately up to the public what kind of FP operation they want to be involved in, so as much work as we put into these things, it's their choice to follow them or not. In this day and age I can't fathom that someone doesn't know the risks and benefits behind a smoke detector. But sometimes those few extra bucks for a new 9 volt aren't there. You have to figure out what the people in your area need before you can hit the grant trail. If you can't prove the need, it won't fly, recent tragedy or not. Even in areas with highly proactive FP programs they still have fire deaths from lack of detectors.

    Shoot me a line if you need anything. - Brian

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