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    Just a clarification about one of the above messages: The Enforcer IS a multi-plexed system, just like the Dash. The Arrow XT is the only non-multi-plexed chassis that Pierce is currently building.

    The Enforcer is limited to 400HP and a 1500GPM pump.

    The Dash, Lance, and Quantum can all be outfitted with nearly all of the options. 400-525HP motors and pumps that are up to 3000GPM are available on these chassis, as are tandem axles.

    Hope this helps...

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    When we built the Dash HDR in 2003 that was what were were told was the difference, Dash was multiplexed, Enforcer wasn't. No Command Zone on the Enforcer, guess that's the difference if Enforcer really is multiplexed. Their materials still don't say it is. Oh well, minor details.

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    We just spec'd an enforcer. Papers signed on 12/24/05. It comes with command zone, however it is not a display screen. It is just dummy lights and computer connections.

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    We just talked to a local Pierce sales rep and a 75' aerial on a " Dash " chassis is about $ 29,000 more than a " Enforcer " chassis , because of the engine size & 4000 EVS trans !

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