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    Default Firehouse v5 Question

    I know I might not get an answer here, but here goes nothing... I am working on a new website for my fd. I have a members only section with a unique login for each member. What we want to do is provide training, detail and call attendance details for each user. We are currently using firehouse 5.0 with plans to update to 6.0 shortly... I can do all the coding to display the information on the website, but I need to get the information out of firehouse and uploaded to my database on the internet nightly (well, more precisly, send it to a page to strip all useless data and properly format before saving to my database). Does anyone have any idea on how to do this WITHOUT doing it by hand?

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    Firehouse uses Microsoft SQL server for it's data storage.

    Not knowing the breadth and depth of your programming knowledge & skills, I'll simply suggest attaching directly to the database and pulling your data from SQL instead of trying to rip it out of one of the FH generated reports.

    Depending on how your web server is configured, you may be able to pull directly from the SQL server with your page code.

    As to automating the process - this will also depend on your server connectivity and configuration(s). Off-hand I'd suggest writing something in code (C, VB, etc.) and then make the compiled program a scheduled task on one of the servers that runs nightly.

    Best of luck. Coming from someone who's "paying gig" is as a computer programmer - sometimes the projects that look so simple on the surface end up being darn near impossible when you start digging into it.
    Take Care - Stay Safe - God Bless

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    You can do it in PHP or Delphi as well rather easily.

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    This is what i have done for a lot of firehouse information.
    Please keep in mind i am not a programmer or even a wannabe.
    Go into reports and determine a report that is close to the data you want.
    next make a copy of the report and then strip the fields from the report you don't need.
    next run the report and choose print or output to on the option list

    I export my data to excel (it is what i am most comfortable with)

    and then hopefully the data will be easily tranferred to your webpage

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