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    I know there has been questions like this before, just didnt see one on the first page.
    We are currently under budget about $5300. We have purchased our SCBA, Mobile Fill Station. We still have turnouts and boots to purchase. My ? is this..
    Do I need to contact the grant manager and ask if we could use part of the $5300 to purchase more turnouts than requested in the grant? We have had 4 new volunteers in the past few months who dont have turnouts.
    I know if we have over 5k left over at the end we have to spend it on specific things.... but what if we need the $$ to go ahead and use it for items already requested? We were only allowed $1200 for coat and pant turnouts, and they cost us $1250 each.. We really need to use the extra money we have saved on the other items requested to purchase turnouts so everyone will have a new set.. The coat and pant and new boots is all we lack in being finished with our grant... Hope this makes sense.. thanx again..

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    The rule is that you can spend up to $5000 to purchase like items on your grant. Any amount above $5000 must go to an approved fire prevention program. This requires an amendment. You should send an amendement for the additional turnout gear, just to cover yourself.

    You are in the same position as we were. The turnout gear was $1253 vs. $1200. We had $5180 in excess funds. In my e-mail I addressed exactly how the funds would be used. $1431 to cover the cost overruns on the TO and $3569 for additional scba cylinders and the remainder to purchase a fire prevention video.

    The kicker. I recieved a phone call from the Fire Act. He stated the cost overruns on the TO could be added into the original cost of the TO. Then the level of excess funds could be determined. In this case brought the level down from $5180 to $3747. No need for a FP program. This is all documented.

    When you send the amendment clearly explain how the funds will be used. See if you get the same info as I did.

    Merry Christmas and have a safe Holiday Season

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    Thanks so much for the info.. I'll get an admendment started..

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