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    Default Slick Stuff

    Lets talk about some slick stuff. What have you specced into new vehicles or seen on other companies apparatus that is nothing but plain slick?

    Not looking for how much hose you get in your front bumper or how many tools are in said bumper.

    Cool things to get the list going:

    On a rescue, the hydraulic power plants were placed in top dunnage bins to cut down on noise, remote dump valves were installed, and the only thing in the compartment taking up space is the reels (which are actually installed above the compartment). Slick.

    On an aerialscope, electric setup controls on the rear so the operator can SEE what he is setting up. For those who don't know, 90% of the scopes out there set up from a compartment around the midpoint of the machine on the drivers side. The operator is normally completely blind to the passenger side as the jacks lower onto a civilian, sewer grate, etc.

    On an engine, rear discharges connected to 150' of rubber 3" in a "chute" in the hose bed. On the end is an Akron Blitz Gun (or equivelent). Nice modern version of the old heavy "portable" deck guns. Quick deployment of big water.

    One of my favorites: A short cord reel was installed under a roll out tray. The tray could be rolled out of the compartment (which had roll up doors), freeing the electric reel to deploy almost any direction. To eliminate the "almost" it was placed on a swivel. Deployed, swiveled, and worked. Worked very well in fact.

    150' cord reels built into the side of a truck where the portable tele-light was. These were preconnected. Tele light can be illuminated going down the road, removed once on the scene, placed and the cord deployed in one slick motion without turning the light off. Slick.

    Most aerial trucks have two switches these days to make the aerial work - an electrical master and the PTO. Finally, I have seen an aerial that combined these into one swich. One less thing for an operator to screw up. This same aerial had the AM/FM/CD playing through the aerial headset system. Not loud, just enough to keep you awake at those long fires.....

    What else have you seen or specd that is just slick and works really well? Cup holders on the top mount pump panels? Everybody that has pumped one at a long fire has wanted one....

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    Default Not to trying to limit new thoughts... just a suggestion

    Most of the threads on here are pretty innovative, imho.

    Read some of the archives here. There are all kinds of threads like below:

    "I wish we/I'm glad we"

    "What would you like to see"

    "What would you do different"

    "Must have items on new engine"

    Don't be shy about posting to these... they're all great and should be bumped to the front now and then.
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    Jon, Pierce fire apparatus did a great job refurbishing your old mack/aerialscope, where are the electric setup controls on the new truck and are you getting some type of aluminum or plastic cover for the turret control station to keep the rain,snow & ice from entering!

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    The setup controls are on the rear. You can look up each side as you set the jacks.

    The turret is not water resistant or water proof, but more water ignorant. All the controls are sealed, but by the very design, getting wet really won't bother them. When you put a turntable cover on, it gets difficult to see the cradle to put the boom away. We have a cover - it was in the contract so they did make us one... somewhere...


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    Default our new rescue pumper

    we have the electric powerplant in the dunnage, and the tools and reel are pre-connected in the front bumper.
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