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    Default Looking for TMC screen shots

    I'm looking for some screen shots captured from a thermal imaging camera in use at fires. I'm trying to put together a "refresher" class for our VFD, and I'd like to show what to expect in real fire situations. I plan on taking shots of a couple homes to show what they look like normally, but I want some showing fire behind a wall or door, and it's use in searches. I imagine they're a bit hard to fake, and since I can't get anyone to let me set their house on fire... A person laying on the ground in a cool room is going to look different than a person laying on the ground in a "hot" room, so I'd like to get them used to looking for a cool object in a hot surrounding, instead of the warm object in the cool room. I know I've seen shots here and there, and I'm continuing to look, but perhaps the community here and help out! Anything you can forward to me is appreciated. bhogenboom@comcast.net is my address.

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    Cool TI images

    Follow this link to Bullard's website and go to the bottom of the page and you will find a bunch of good stuff.


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    Thanks Tennessee... I had looked at the Bullard Site for pictures, because we have a Bullard, but I just didn't find this section. I got a bunch of good pictures, and I had a couple short movies forwarded to me too. I appreciate the tip!

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