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    Default Protocol for Amyl Nitrate Inhalers

    Hi Guys,
    Our County / MABAS Division Hazardous-Materials Response Team has been issued 192 doses of Amyl Nitrate...I believe these to be the inhalants...Along with this, the state & our local EMS Systems do not have a protocol for the use and administration of this drug..Anyone out there have a protocol or could offer some guidance on this.....I did contact our medical control and they stated that they are working on developing a medical protocol, but they are not sure when it will be finished. I asked about using the meds, and they would not give an answer....So I thought I would take it upon myself to develop a protocol and submit it to Medical Control for approval....Any help or ideas would be appreciated...Thanks again!!

    Randy Simpson
    MABAS Division 25
    Mendota Fire Department
    Mendota, Illinois

    EMAIL: hazmat69@insightbb.com

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    You should contact a cyanide manufacturer for help - the MSDS often has antidote information, and they may be able to send you some more detailed literature.

    In the end, it will be up to Medical Control to provide the protocol. A typical protocol for administering amyl nitrite is something like:
    If breathing - hold crushed ampule in gauze, hold under nose for 15 sec, then away 15 sec. Repeat 5 - 6 times per ampule, new ampule every 3 minutes if needed.
    If not breathing - crush ampule in gauze, place in lip of resuscitator mask. Normal ventilations like CPR, with ampule in for 3 breaths, out for 3 breaths. Repeat 5 - 6 times per ampule, new ampule every 3 minutes if needed. Continue until victim is conscious, or other medical help arrives.

    Note- amyl nitrite is highly volatile - make sure you don't inhale it, or you'll end up with the headache. It is also flammable. Avoid overusing amyl nitrite. Amyl nitrite also has a high 'vapor pressure' in the other sense - it is sometimes stolen and abused. I know of at least one case where amyl nitrite ampules were stolen, and replaced with ammonia ampules.

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