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    I was wondering what roles ohter departments are assigning there RIT firefighters, if any. Our SOG allows our IC to assign them to laddering second stories, forcing locked doors etc. but only when it is not needed immediatly for evacuation. We believe this allows us to utilize all of our personnel on scene with out compromising our RIT effectivenss. The RIT team always has a portable radio and stays togeather as a team. All jobs they are assigned they can stop when required for there primary role as RIT. Antone have any opinion on this good or bad?

    Thanks Risto

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    On our FAST response, we do what steps we feel are necessary in case there is an emergency. 1 member goes to the command post and stays there. 2 members do a walk around/size up. The other 6+ members setup/warmup our equipment. The 2 doing the walkaround come back and brief the rest of the crew. If they feel more ground ladders are needed, we'll relay the message to IC and if needed, will place them ourselves. We also verify that utilities have been shutdown. Any other "obstacles" to entry/exit from the building are addressed through IC and again, if needed we take care of ourselves. Our minimum FAST response though is 8 members plus 1 for command. We leave a 4 man FAST Search team staged and the other 4 do the "as needed" items. Once the Search team is deployed, the other 4 go to staging and are a "Rescue/Assist" team.

    Thing to think your RIT is laddering and such, how fast can they get the necessary equipment and as a team make entry to find the downed FF? or do they carry any/all equipment with them while doing the other tasks?
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    Default Nothing wrong

    I know here in Philly our RIT teams are generally standing around "just in case" but thats because the ladders on the fireground are more often than not, doing their job. If we should be sent as a RIT and arrived to find a poorly laddered dwelling, we will ladder the damn dwelling as its needed. Doesnt do much good to find the guy but cant get em out cause no one laddered the 3rd flr windows. Now maybe we got it better cause we all have radios (when they work, different story different time) and dont wander off without a specific task identified so when its game time we are seconds from the door ready with all tools needed. Part of doing the size up is identifying areas that need to be addressed, a poorly laddered floor is one of them. Please tell me how long it takes to throw a 28 to the 3flr window using 2 guys when its not hitting the fan compared to how long it takes to throw the same 28 to the same window when you got a member ready to bail? Id rather throw it now and not need it, than need it and have to force my brother to make a decision on wether he can wait another 30 seconds.

    I can hear it now

    RIT 18 to Battalion 8: "That 3rd floor on bravo side needs to be laddered, do you want us to do it or pull somebody else from their task that needs to be done and let them do it"

    Battalion 8: "Standby"

    Battalion 8 walks to L18 command "What are you, retarded? Ladder the damn building!"

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    We dispatch an add'l engine company for RIT on any working fire.
    Our RIT SOPs include:
    -check in with IC
    -a 360 degree size up by the RIT officer
    -prepare to conduct rescue operations-that means having tools and equipment staged for use-tool selection depends on sizeup
    -outside functions that can be accomplished without tying up the RIT crew. Some of these are:
    -ventilation (horizontal or PPV-no roof ops)
    -forcible entry/exit
    -securing utilities
    -checking for extension-soffits, siding, etc

    Most of these outside duties have been accomplished by the truck and rescue companies prior to the RIT's arrival. The RIT is supposed to "clean it up", catching what the others miss or respond to changing situations.

    I believe that allowing the RIT to conduct exterior duties helps to keep the member's heads in the game. It gives them the opportunity to do a personal size up with a better view of the building, as well as more eyes to catch safety issues or changing conditions. While it is important to be fresh for a possible rescue, accomplishing these functions makes the fireground safer, hopefully preventing the need for the RIT to do RIT.
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