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    Hello everyone,

    I am relatively new around here in the forums. I guess I am kind of missing the fire department. I took another job to put my wife through grad school and I still work as a firefighter for the Air Force Reserves (not a whole lot of action there as I'm sure some of you know). My new job pays well but is killer on the hours. I started doing research on how to make money with the internet and I finally found something that will help me achieve my goals. I was skeptical at first but I am very excited now.

    If anyone is interested in getting more information, go to www.OffDutyBusines.com

    On another note, I did windshield repair on the side when I was a paid firefighter and was very successful. I would be happy to discuss that with anyone who is interested.

    I guess for now, I will just have to lurk around these forums to stay close to the one career that truly miss

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    Default I can't spell

    I guess I should have used spell check for "opportunity"

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