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    Any ideas on what FEMA is looking for in a closeout letter?
    I handed out a opinion survey to all of our firefighters at our monthly meeting to see if they had any comments on how the grant has helped the community.
    I did not get much of a response. Imagine that!

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    Just a recap of your grant. As far as how it has helped the community, what did you do to add resources available to your community, or improve upon the resources? Did you buy a new tool that you never had before? If so, the community will benefit because of new equipment. If you replaced air paks and PPE, the community will benefit because your FF'ers have safer and more reliable equipment allowing them to operate longer on the fireground and inside the building (or whatever incident you want to apply to it).

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    My home FD also included the statement of what we did with our old SCBA, which was donate them to another FD, in need. We named the FD, and stated that their FD had not applied for the grant, due to not having a match that year for SCBA, and only had 3 airpacks, so to receive our older 17, was like Christmas for them. We thanked them for the opportunity to receive the new gear, and that it allowed us to pass along ours and help out a neighboring FD in the process.

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