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    Default Evaluating Tics

    We are currently evaluating several tics. We have done some live burns with them. Has anyone else experienced an image on top of another image in any tics? We had one do this. It kinda froze up and left a previous image on the screen as well as a current image. Is MSA coming out with a 5400 camera soon? I heard some scuttlebutt about it. Does anyone know where we can get FDNYs evaluation on tics that they just did? Any help on the subject of evaluations of tics would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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    Default Latent images and microbolometers

    The "double image" you described is most likely a latent image. This phenomenon is only found in microbolometer TICs. A hot image or source can imprint itself on the detector by warping the microscopic structure. After a few "shutters" it will clear.

    It also could be a case where the TIC performed a "shutter" or non-uniformity correction (NUC) without the shutter in place. This usually manifests itself as a ghost image that looks like a negative image (dark where it should be light). This isn't what you described, so I suspect it isn't a bad NUC. Once the shutter fires correctly during NUC, this phenomenon will clear as well.

    Non-microbolometer TICs don't experience this because they have a chopper that corrects the image 30 times a second.

    I hope this helps.

    David Fisher
    ISG Thermal Systems USA, Inc.

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    Use the search function, there have been several post about tics
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    I've heard from my MSA rep that the 5400 is supposed to be available in time for FDIC. It will be slightly larger in size with a larger screen and sharper picture.

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