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    Default Just got hired!!

    Just about 25 days ago I had an interview with my local Vol. Fire Dept. and 2 weeks ago I did the physical ability test - and passed. Last week I took the physical exam, and passed that too. So now I'm hired and will start training with the department at the end of January - I can't wait!! I just completed FF I & II so most of the training will be repetitive, but it will be a great refresher. I start my EMT training next week too. I worked hard to prepare for the interview and the physical abitlity test and I'm glad it all paid off. Besides keeping my mouth shut and eyes open, does anyone have any other advise for me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by golfer
    Besides keeping my mouth shut and eyes open, does anyone have any other advise for me?

    Add ears open to that.... and congrats and good luck!!!
    Buckle Up, Slow Down, Arrive Alive
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    What department are you about to get on, it sounds like the exact same process I'm going through right now.

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    Default Hello

    Hello and Welcome from New Jersey


    Here one of the first things I tell all the newbees,
    Have a good sense of humor!
    Gods Speed to our Troops!

    If you can't stand the heat, Get out of my way !!!

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    Greetings and welcome to the forums from Ohio.
    Training does not make perfect. Training makes permanent!

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