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    Default Engine Co. Drills

    Anyone have any good engine or truck co. drills that they can share?
    E-mail me at soda@stpk.us
    Thanks for your time

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    basic engine company drill ideas...

    Loading and pulling the lines. Sounds simple, however often misunderstood and messed up.

    Hoseline advancment. Advancing lines through obstacles, around corners etc. Can be done without flowing water. Stress importance of corner work to move the line.
    -Hoseline must have at lease two firefighters.
    -Nozzleman is crucial and must be dedicated to that role
    -Second man is "backup" and may have to "flots" back and forth along line to manage corners.
    -Third and any additional firefghters utilized to manage line around corners/obstacles.
    -Have firefighters on air or masked up/blindfolded once initial run has been practiced to simulate poor visibility.
    -Practice vertical advancment with a utility rope.
    -Work on stairwell advancments (with wellholes and without)

    Nozzle Handling. Various techniques for holding and managing lines of different sizes while flowing water. Show proper techniques for nozzle and back-up fire fighters
    -Nozzle always at arms length away from nozzleman. Avoid pistol grip syndrome where it ends up against the armpit.
    -Practice stream direction at all angles
    -Utilize lines flowing water in crouched position to simulate interior fire attack
    -Backup man never closer or farther than arms length, and has BOTH hands on the line.

    Specialty Nozzles/Appliances. Practice with distributor, piercing, foam and other nozzles that aren't often used.

    Water Supply. Practice dressing hydrants, laying supply line and getting water.

    Speed Drills. Whatever your water supply is (tankers or Hydrants), Run an evolution where the crew pulls up, sets the pump, pulls a line and flows water. The driver must establish a sustained water supply before running out of tank water. Good practice.

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    This link will be well worth your time....


    Stay safe.

    Brad French
    Xenia (OH) Fire Division

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    Look up some of the stuff written by the late Andy Fredericks (RIP 9/11). He also was a huge contributor to "Bread and Butter" operations, such as advancing the initial attack line.

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    We have a list of 12 evolutions that we do each year, one a month. Its basic stuff like forward lay 300' then pull two preconnects. Another is forward lay, pull 3" and a wye and the run two smaller lines off. Another is aerial sets up, engine reverse lays to the hydrant and pumps the aerial. Standpipes is another.

    What we did is sat down and came up with 12 "bread & butter" operations we do on a normal basis and made drills out of them. Im sure your department can do the same with your operations.
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