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    Does anyone have a policey, sog, or sop, Writen for what happens if a member gets into a accident with either his personal car responding to a call or the apperatus any time.

    Drivers ed

    What are your policies or standards when it comes to driving apperatus and personal cars.

    does any one know NJ state law in reference to this

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    I don't know about the apparatus....but since I am a driver I might want to find out. I suppose it depends on the conditions of the accident. If it is not your could there be any sort of disciplinary action?

    As for POV.....I'd never admit I was running a response....and would not report it to the chief for official purposes most likely unless there were insurance does not cover me when I don't run lights on my POV either. Luckily I am only about 3 miles from the station where I grab the engine and go.............

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    Default Accident Policy

    My Department has the following policy for Deparment apparatus:

    If you are involved in any accident no matter how small or if it is your fault you must take a **** test. No Exceptions.

    The Board of Fire Command then reviews all accidents and decides on the punishment which can range any where from no action, written warning, Driving suspension of company apparatus, lifetime ban on driving.

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