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    Question Workout Question

    I like to walk on a treadmill both at work and at home. I do not like to run I have a knee that is not in the best of shape.
    I was wondering which is better. Walking on the treadmill for 30 minutes and 75% of my heart rate or change from 75% to 80% every five or ten minutes.
    Thank you for your input.

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    LtPrill...variety in your treadmill workouts is just as important as variety in strength training. And, using a variety of methods will cause different adaptations for you.

    Before I go any further, what exactly is wrong with your knee? If you're not sure, then you must see a doctor or physical therapist to make sure walking will not makeit worse.

    Just walking on a treadmill at the same rate for an extended period of time will likely influence your aerobic conditioning, also known as your endurance. This type of training can help burn some body fat, increase energy and general well-being, lower blood pressure, and so forth.

    Using intervals where you are switching between different levels of effort will help improve your anaerobic conditioning. Anerobic endurance (being able to maintain a high level of effort for a longer period of time) is very conduscive to firefighting. Using intervals will also help you recover quicker after doing some heavy work on scene and likely prevent you from using too much air.

    The point is to vary it up. For example, take 2 days out of the week and do steady-state cardio at 75% for 30 minutes and more once your conditioning level allows it. Then, take 1 or 2 days out of the week and do intervals. If you want to challenge your anerobic conditioning, I would suggest starting out by doing (just as an example) a 30 second fast walk followed by a 90 second recovery period. This is a 1:3 work:rest ratio that can be progressed to 1:2 then 1:1.
    Yours in health & safety,
    Rich Meyer, Strength Coach
    Author of FAST Responders: The Ultimate Guide to Firefighter Conditioning
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    Thank you for your input. I worked in construction before I was hired full time. My doctor told me that the cartledge in my knees as broken down due to the type of work I was in. My knees are not bad enough to have any kind of surgery, but I want to avoid it if possible. He wants me to walk and run if I can handle it. He does want me to avoid any kind of stair workout, because of the amount of pressure put on the knees when you go down the stairs.
    I can run,but somedays when I am finished my knees will hurt, so I like to walk instead to avoid the pain.
    At my firehouse we have a bike, treadmill, and eliptical( I don't think I spelled that right), also have a full set of free weights as well as machine. I like to do my strength workout with some aerobics when I am on shift and walk on my off days, or is it better to set up a schedule on Monday through Sunday?

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