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    Default Pack Test?

    Doubtless it has been answered here previously, however what are the requirements for the 'Pack Test'?
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    Requirement Test Description

    Arduous Pack Test 3-mile hike
    with 45-pound
    pack in 45 min

    Moderate Field Test 2-mile hike
    with 25-pound
    pack in 30 min

    Light Walk Test 1-mile hike
    in 16 min
    no pack

    There are also adjustments for altitude, see the brochure for details.
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    Basically it is 3 miles over a mostly flat course, wearing a 45 lb pack or vest. You get 45 minutes to complete it. You must walk, running will disqualify you.

    Here is a link to the USFS and their page on the work capacity test.

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    That web site has a lot of good information, if the test location is over 4000ft the time is a little different, page 10 has a good chart.

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    Default pack test

    you know anyone can pass the pack test heck i can i am a big guy not fat just big . if i had a doller on how many times i have been asked if i can pass the pack test i will be rich.. o well i am a great pack mule lol.. you need to stay fit .. i dont meen work out 5 hrs a day .. heck put your line pack on and take a walk a few times a week..if you are over 40 go see you dr and get a check up ... the only place on me that hurts after the test is my hips ... just be safe..

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