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    Default 2006 Grant for Truck

    We are thinking of writting for a truck this year, but I do not think that we can come up with enough money to buy a new pumper and equip it also.
    Can anyone tell me if there is a chance of writting for a newer used truck, or is it possible to equip the truck with the grant money also??

    Currently we have 1 engine that meets NFPA standards, and our second due engine is a 1976 LaFrance, and our third is a 59 Lafrance.

    Just asking for some opinions and thoughts if we are going to be waisting our time if we write for a truck.

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    Why do you think you may not have enough money...The match is only 5% of the total grant. If money is a true issue just ask for a truck now. That is if you think you have a good shot at it. Then put your old hose and equipment on it for now. Then hope and pray that there is another grant in 2007 and put in for new equipment then. We were awarded a truck this past year. And the grant I am doing this year is to replace our old hoses, and equipment on the truck...

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    You can apply for any equipment to equip the truck to NFPA standards and/or make it functional in addition to asking for the truck. So hose, nozzles, SCBA, and all of that good stuff. What you need to remember is that if you're replacing a truck you should be moving equipment from one to the other unless there is a really good reason for not doing so (wanting 5" supply line instead of 3"). And if those reasons do exist, mention them, otherwise the request comes off as greedy and will score lower.

    Asking for a used pumper is eligible also, along with the equipment to put on it if needed. This is the viable option for departments that will not be highly competitive in the first place for a truck.

    There will be another grant in 2007, the program is authorized until 2011. The amount of money is what changes.

    And before I forget Hunts, you don't have enough info posted to find out if you're going to be competitive enough. No one will know unless a full project assessment is done. Just age of trucks isn't enough. All numbers entered into the application have a bearing on scoring so I always tell people make sure all other bases are covered before you apply for a truck. Especially since you have one NFPA compliant truck already, you're going to score behind everyone that doesn't. And that is a long line. I'm not saying that to discourage you at all, just trying to motivate to make sure you have everything in order if you're going to do it.

    Good Luck and if you have any other questions/concerns shoot me an email

    - Brian
    Brian P. Vickers
    Emergency Services Consulting
    Westlake VFD - Houston, TX
    Proud Member IACOJ - Redneck Division

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