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    Default USA in international markets

    After reading many threads on quality and reliability of our US manufacturers on aerials, pumpers, tankers, rescues..., I'm at loss as to what & how to push these equipment in international market like Asia. It looks to me that all rigs have some problems, some more than others. Broadly speaking, Pierce, ALF, Seagrave tend to have less while KME, EOne more. Then if waranty and after-sale support are important via dealers, how do our US manufacturers service their products and compete internationally? Maybe globally everybody has a lemon every now and then. But I am trying to sell USA made quality here - a wrong choice is disastrous. Can we avoid clunkers by ordering off-the shelf - if there are such a thing - instead of custome order? what do you think? Thanks

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    I know there are American made apparatus being sent overseas an visa versa, but to what extent I could only guess, I just know it is not a lot. I don't think quality is an issue... apparatus design and dealer support would be issues i would think. Consider Metz Aerials. We have a neighboring department who just got a Metz last year. It is a German Metz Aerial mounted on an HME chassis (I think it's an HME, either way its American), so its really not even a completely German unit, In fact its assembly took place partially in the U.S. and Partially in Germany. There is not enough market for their Aerials in the U.S. to justify a full production facility and dealer support in the U.S. comparable to a large U.S. Manufacturer, and I would think the situation would be the same for a U.S. builder overseas. It isn't that a Metz isn't good enough for American FD's or that a Pierce or Seagrave is no good for German or British FD's, but where is the closest Pierce Dealer for Frankfurt? I have no idea what the answer is... My guess, not close. I think, and I could be wrong, that in order to see FULL dealer support of an overseas brand (in the U.S. or abroad) that some large cities would have to start using apparatus from overseas to have enough demand for the jump. Maybe I'm completely wrong, Wo knows... I just thought I'd throw my 2 unorganized sense in there.

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    Default maybe

    If the manufactures here wanted to locate facilities overseas and stock parts there too then maybe they could sell more overseas. The Japanese and others have done that here because we don't have the same restrictions. If I were going to buy a unit I would want service and parts availability as close as possible and I might be thinking somewhat Nationalistic. If a company here could align with a known name overseas then that might help too. Also you would need to look at the culture and thinking of the people you want to sell too as they might not like what we have on the shelf to supply without a redesign.Cost outlay versus projected profit is the biggy.

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    Default Export Markets For North American Apparatus

    As someone who's done international sales and brought the Bronto Skylift to the North American market there are many factors as to why our types of apparatus aren't popular;

    Meeting the particular country's standards. There are standards and norm's used in Europe that are quite restrictive and limit our types of apparatus. An example is the axle ratings etc. In the case of Germany they make it very difficult for non German builders to market as the government funds purchase of apparatus to many cities so they have the "buy local" criteria.

    As has been said the issue of dealer support and service are critical for any North American firm being properly represented and most of the "agents" in many offshore markets don't have the support infrastructure. It also comes down to who's got the contacts as sometimes it doesn't matter that they delivered a wheelbarrow (figure of speech) when a pumper was spec'd but who (dealer) knows.

    Pierce had? a good dealer in Brazil at one time that purchased a number of apparatus and both Pierce and E One have trucks in some of the Middle Eastern countries and Ferrara delivered some trucks to China recently. BUT in many of these cases they are industrial customers for refineries etc.

    It's a far tougher market than back on our own shores so I think many of the manufacturers in North America stick to what/where they know best.

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