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    Cool Grant Award/Request Limitations?

    I understand that there is a limit to how much will be awarded for a full set of turnouts and for a Class A pumper. There are also limitations on how many TIC's you can purchase. Are there any such limitations on other items, such as extrication equipment?

    Also, are there any "pitfalls" to avoid when requesting funds for extrication equipment?

    Lastly, how high or low of a priority are intercom headset systems for apparatus? A couple of our officers want to apply for them. I keep telling them that intercom/headset systems are a low priority - although I can not find any proof or documentation.


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    The limit on TICs is in the PG, and how many you are eligible for is based on your population. 1 for less than 20K, 2 for 20K-50K, 3 for over 50K. Just remember eligible to apply for doesn't mean go for the max just because you can.

    Extrication equipment depends on what you're asking for. And as a hint, don't list it as a package, list every item. It has no affect on scoring if you do that, I verified that with our local FPS. I do know of one department that listed it as a package and then was asked to take a reduction. After a phone call explaining the list of equipment with their costs, the reduction was removed and they were given the full amount. Listing everything will avoid such back and forth.

    Intercoms as part of a communications upgrade would be fine, I know many have done it. As a standalone, I can't see that being very competitive. Beneficial, yes, we've got them in all of our trucks, and I wouldn't go back to being without them. I know the arguments for them (hearing protection, better in vehicle communications), but knowing how many other things out there of higher priority that people are going for I wouldn't put them in if you're going for a TIC and rescue tools. No sense harpooning yourself before you press the submit button. Keep it as high on the priority list as possible, that way you know you put your best project up and if it doesn't fund, then there's no 2nd guessing.

    Good luck - Brian

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