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    Question Sparky the Dog Robot

    I did a search and the last thing I could find was fairly dated. We are looking at investing in a Sparky or Pluggie Robot. Just looking for some feedback from those of you who have one. It comes with a pretty big price tag so I want to make sure we'll get our bang for the buck.....

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    If either are going to be used and maintained on a regular basis, then they're good tools. A fire safety association I belong to has two and both were sent out for major repairs last year basically because they don't get used enough (and they're getting up there in age, too -- I think the youngest one is 10)...

    If you don't need it right away, you should look into the Fire Prevention Grants -- www.firegrantsupport.com

    Another good tool is Model Tech's Hazard House. The same association along with the local burn center foundation received state money toward the purchase of one and it goes to a lot of schools/fire dept's/fairs.
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    Thanks, the money isn't really the issue as we have it in the budget. What I really want to know is if anyone has had experience with the standard model versus the "souped up" model and if the difference is significant.

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