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    Default Heat Release Rates, properties... Database? Anywhere??

    I'm wondering if there are any databases availble anywhere that list all the properties for specific materials/products, most specifically one that would contain as much detail as heat release rates, total heat release, AI temp, etc... I've found a small list on the NIST website btu would think there would be something more comprehensive. I'm moslty wishing to have this resource for more accurate use of FDS/Smokeview. Any information would be most appreciated, thanks in advance...


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    John Dehaan (Kirk's FI) has done a great deal of research on the subject. He is very accessible and will respond to emails, which is great since is considered the top of the field. Polymer HRR's are tough because you have a variety of materials w/ different properties that morph into new matierial with entirely different properties when heat is applies. No good research has been done on furniture, which is too bad for obvious reasons. Try underwriter labs too. Good luck, let me know if you find anything!

    Geoff Hazard, MS CFEI

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