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    We closed out a grant back in Nov. What is the average time that it takes for FEMA to get back to you to let you know its been closed out and everything is okay.
    The lady I spoke to said it could be a year or two??

    Any idea?

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    I think she may have just been a little stressed under the workload, they don't really take that long. We have to remember that there is only one small group of people handling all 3 AFG grant programs (and then some) so they have awards, apps, and questions galore to deal with. There are still some 2003 awards that haven't been closed out b/c departments waited until the last month to order stuff, and then it was backordered, etc, etc.

    Overworked and underpaid is a big UNDERstatement when it comes to our FPS people.

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    She is probably correct. It will be 1 year on 1/31/06 since we filed our closeout report for the 2003 grant. Two e-mails only indicated that we will be notified when the review is complete. It just a waiting game.

    I'll be closing out our 2004 grant shortly.

    I actually submitted the report on the exact day the performace period ended.
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    On our 2003 grant, we did all the closeout as requested, etc. Then, over 9 months later (might have been closer to a year) rc'd notice via email they were releasing it, and there were errors in the closeout. We had to end up re-doing it about 3 times before it was correct. All because 1 box was checked, that shouldn't have been.

    But, she may be entirely correct. As everyone stated, they are incredibly overworked. I had to leave alot of messages for the GMS who was helping me fix my closeout. Actually, was trying to fix some things the treasurer had done, as he requests alot of the $. It's hard when there's multiple hands in the grant pot. He had checked the wrong box, and then entered something incorrectly. First thing I and only one administrator. MUCH more simple that way!

    Be patient. They know how to get in touch with you and find you if there's any problems with your closeout...believe me. LOL. And I was all worried it would hold up future awards, since there was a problem. My GMS said it only does that if you ignore their emails, and aren't actively working with them on fixing the problems. As long as you're doing what you're supposed to, you're fine.
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