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    Default Disaster Relief Fund

    Hello, My name is Tyrus Cobb and I am a member of the Carberry/N.Cypress Fire Dept. I belong to a Vehicle Extrication Team based out of the department and in September of 2005 we attended the World's in Ft Lauderdale FL. On our way down we had to fly around Katrina and while down in Broward County we heard alot of comments of no one caring. These comments where coming out of N.O. on the news. We where in competition for a week and when we got back the six of us got together and designed a pin that shows people care.

    The pins are on sale for $5 and 100% of the proceeds is going to the Canadian Red Cross for Disaster Relief in North America.

    Of course there is the maple leaf which represents Canadians
    The Axes which represent the firefighters efforts in a Disaster
    The handles of the axes being black is the rememberance of those people who have lost thier lives in a Disaster.
    And of course the I Care inside the maple leaf

    We are trying to get these pins distributed across Canada and any help from any department would be greatly appreciated.

    Contact Tyrus Cobb: (Home)1-204-834-2048 or (Cell)1-204-841-0066


    Contact Bob Toma: (Home)1-204-834-2038

    Disaster Relief fund
    Box 388
    Carberry, MB
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