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    Talking yet another noobie

    Hey, I just applied at my local FD. They are a combination dept, I applied as a volly. I have the interview on Feb. 2nd then go to my physical and background.

    A little more about me:
    ~I'm 20 years old
    ~A college sophmore getting my B.S. in Law Enforcement
    ~I'm a Police Reserve Officer for my hometown
    ~I'm employed as an EMT on campus (Pretty much just watching drunk people vomit and taking their vitals while the officer writes them for underage comsumption)
    ~I currently know nothing about FF, but have a very strong interest in learning
    ~I love learning, I'd go to college for the rest of my life if I could afford it (well, and the parties are good)
    ~I have a very strong interest in public service work whether it be FF, EMS, or Law Enforcement

    Well, thats probably more than you wanted to know about me. Thanks to everyone on this forum for helping all of us noobies!

    Thanks again,

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    Welcome from New Jersey.
    When opening up the roof remember plywood comes in 4' X 8' sheets.


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    Welcome from Texas. If you love to learn then you are in the right place. The fire service is a place where you will continue to learn your entire career.
    "Training doesn't make you a good fireman, fighting fire makes you a good fireman"

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