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    Default NY Football Giants

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    My wife's giants hat went from her head to about a foot away from the trash can. A foot too far if you ask me. Eli needs more time to develop, he and the rest of the team just did not step up to a playoff level. Than again I have no room to talk, way to go igles.
    Colts are the afc team to beat but will peyton choke as always, seahawks should wrap up NFC, overall I will pick seahawks over pitts. by 12 points in the big game. I just don't think peyton will carry thru to make it to the superbowl.

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    The Giants are not a bad football team. But they are a football team that played over it's head for the year. They went 11-5. They have legitimate superstars such as Tiki and Strahan. Eli is a young QB who got a little better and a little smarter each week.

    The Giants got their heads handed to them by a better prepared, better playing team. That's it.

    I agree Seahawks and Steelers. If the Steelers can play the way they played this week, there is no one who can beat them.

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