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    I have just employed a new fireman at our fire station in N.C. and he has the P1& P2 entry level classes from the state of Wisconsin. Can any on give me a break down on what type classes there are and the class title. or give me a link to where i can find them

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    Entry level part 1/2 is the mininum training required by the state to take part in structural firefighting. I think both parts amount to 60 hours and one live training burn. I found an agenda outline. Part one topics include: firefighter safety, fire behavior, portable extinguishers, PPE, SCBA, rescue and search, hose and hose loads, and fire streams. Part two: forcible entry, ladders (carries, raises, climbs, hose, rescue), ventilation, slavage and overhaul, fire control (class B, structural evolutions), and hazardous materials. Hope this helps.


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