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    My volly FD uses 2 inch exclusively for attack lines. We have had no problem at all manuevering it around inside of buildings and like the extra comfort of knowing we can get big water right now from it.


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    [QUOTE=Dave1983]You would be surprised at how easy 2" is to work with. Better flow/less friction loss then 1 3/4", much easier to move then a 2 1/2". We put 2 " in our hi-rise pacs and love it. Next time we buy attack hose it will probably be 2".

    Ill see if i can get about 150 ft of 2 inch line... Try it out and see how it is. We might like it..

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    Wink Pre-connect line length

    Our first in engine has 2-200', 1-250', 1-150', and 1-100' trash line. I know of a couple of surrounding depts running 250'-350' lines. I have had experience on the fireground with long length proconnect lays and they just waste time, and on an 1 1/2" line anything over 250' your losing ground with friction loss. If your going to run long lays why not 2 1/2" with a gated wye or similar setups, you won't be losing on friction loss and you can always add another line.

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