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    Default FEMA/Katrina question

    anyone have any idea how many firefighters got fed up with the
    FEMA BUll $h!+ and left before the end of thier deployment??

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    your friend DEMOB supervisor does in baton rouge
    Doug Velting Jr
    President Cassville Volunteer Fire Co
    Fire Exec .com

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    Not sure if this fits your question but I can tell you that of all the departments in my immediate areea, we've had a loss of about 50% of our volunteer forces, and only thru donations ahve we been able to keep fire protection rolling. we;ve had nomerous Departments help with equipment and manpower, and are still in the "Hurt Locker" for alot of things. For al the personnel and Agencies that have aided us, I am truly greatful... Keep thinking of us

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    Default Thoughts & Prayers

    Hello Cap,

    After we demobilized my partner and I drove to Bay St. Louis. When we were there (30+ days post Katrina) there was little sign of FEMA Works cannot describe what we saw. As we give presentations to our community we try to stress that the pictures no matter how dramatic barely scratch at the surface. We were lucky enough to work with several crews that accomplished positive things; this was despite FEMA not because of it. They continually told us not to cut trees or feed the hungry but we did it anyway.
    I still feel terribly that we didn't do more.

    Not a day goes by that I don't think about all the people we met and the millions more that were affected by these disasters (Katrina, Rita and FEMA)
    Know that you are in our thoughts and prayers and that we are working to correct the problems with FEMA. When I finish my after action report I will send it to all of my local, state and Federal representatives. Then I will follow up with personal visits.

    I would urge ALL the firefighters in the affected regions and EVERYONE deployed with FEMA to write their congressmen (or women) and senators and demand that FEMA be re-vamped and that the USFA or the Coast Guard be charged with leading the way. FEMA should be a cabinet level position and should be led by a competent person, not a college roomie or horse trader.

    We recently sent several spare sets of turnout gear down your way, put it to good use!!!!


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    'Preciate the thoughts and thanks for your concerns. After 5 months,there's been a few changes... more non working FEMA trailers have arrived. And there are actually a few places where a person can get a hamburger. We're a long way from normal, and will be for years to come. Our department has been fortunate enuough to recieve a pumper that was with Milford CT (ENG 11) which is an absolute pleasure to operate. Also plenty of SCBA's, some turnout gear and commitments for more... I wish i could personally contact each individual agency that aided us, but I'd have to quit my full time job to do it! As far as FEMA... I'll side with my neighbor and congressman, Gene Taylor, who gave them hell at the hearings. As did I and most of my firefighting family, he and his lost it all too. All of you out there have made us very proud to be memberts of the Emergency Providers community. You give new meaning to the statement "We take care of our own".

    Stay low and let 'er blow!

    R. J. Pease (capfiremedic)

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    I was in New Orleans for 4 days the day after the hurricane with about 20 boats rescuing people and putting them on the it elevated interstate. On the last day FEMA was comming around right behind us telling everyone to stay in their houses and shelter in place that the water would go down in a few days. These same people had little food, water, and their house was filled with 2-3+ feet of oily sewer water. We travled from baton rouge to N.O. every day. Every day there had to be 100 tour buses lined up on the interstate empty. All day we would get the people from their houses and bring them up to the meeting point, and the buses never came to get them. We were out there getting them out, we were doing all we could do it was up to someone else to get them from that point on.

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    There's a couple of new T-shirt designs in the N'Awlins area, both dedicated to FEMA

    1) Fix Everything My Ass

    2) Federal Employees Missing in Action

    Rest assured these aren't aimed at the DMAT's or USAR teams

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